Footy Podcast: Liverpool's place in history, Barca and Madrid crumbling

9.3.2020 18:00

Welcome to the latest edition of "Sweeper Keeper," footy podcast hosted by Gianluca Nesci.

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Topics for today's episode include:

  • Will Liverpool's season go down as the greatest ever in England? (4:02)
  • Breaking down United's huge win in the Manchester derby (14:59)
  • Predictions for England's final few Champions League places (19:49)
  • Italian football's shambolic response to the coronavirus crisis (28:27)
  • Fan protests in Germany riddled with hypocrisy (34:33)
  • Are we witnessing the decline of Barcelona and Real Madrid? (39:33)
  • The mailbag returns! Answering your footy questions (47:27)

... and more!

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